Welcome to Scottish Association of Sign Language Interpreters – SASLI

Scottish Association of Sign Language Interpreters (SASLI) is the only Registering and Membership body in Scotland for British Sign Language (BSL)/English Interpreters.

BSL/English interpreters facilitate communication between Deaf BSL users and hearing people who do not use BSL. BSL/English interpreters are a valuable asset for the Deaf community, enabling access and reducing inequality while seeking information and services, and in employment, education, leisure environments, and many more.

SASLI emphasises the importance of using Registered and Registered Trainee BSL/English interpreters. Registered and Trainee Interpreter Members abide by SASLI’s Code of Conduct and Professional Practice Policy. They are committed to maintain and enhance their interpreting skills and expertise through Continuing Professional Development. They are also subject to SASLI’s robust Complaints Policy and Procedure should a concern be raised.

Unregistered interpreters may not have approved qualifications and training to provide an up to standard service. No formal complaints procedures exist to deal with concerns with unregistered interpreters.

Further information about SASLI, SASLI’s Registration procedures, and SASLI’s policies can be found on the website. SASLI’s Registered and Trainee Interpreters can be found on the ‘Find an Interpreter’ page, where you can seek an interpreter by name, by area, or by type of interpreting job.

If you cannot find what you wanted to see, please contact SASLI by email or phone, to help you with your query.




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